Raised Walkway

Many wonders of the forest occur above ground level, so getting up into the mid-canopy is the best way to explore it properly. Float through the majestic ebony forest, rich in endemic flora and fauna. Our two mid-canopy walkways are unique in Mauritius.

Flycatcher Raised Walkway

A guide will accompany you on this mid-canopy walkway of 300 m through one of the best-preserved ebony forests in Mauritius, once home to the Dodo. You will encounter some of the rarest plants in Mauritius, see ebony trees and may meet the Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher and Mauritius Bulbul.

There are 14 guided tours per day, each 30 minutes in length. The first tour starts at 9:45 and the last one at 16:15. This walkway is at times 4m in height, so if you suffer from vertigo, please let the guide know beforehand.

Sublime Point Raised Walkway

This short raised walkway (90 m) leads to Sublime Point where you can take in our stupendous view! Relax and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Morne, to the south and the Moka range, with the distinctive Pieter Both mountain to the north. Fruit bats, swiftlets and tropic birds soar along the ridgeline.

Have a beverage (soft drink, cocktail or beer) and snack (samosa, roti, gateau piment) while taking a break from the stresses of life!

Toilets are located at the safari jeep pick up point.

You can access the raised walkway either from the Ridgeline Trail, Piton Canot Trail or at the safari jeep drop off point.