Spend the day hiking, strolling, sauntering or simple meandering along the trails and tracks at Ebony Forest. With the exception of the trail to Piton Canot, where there are some areas of steeper terrain, none of our trails are particularly difficult. Along the trails you will find secluded spots with benches and spectacular viewpoints. Savour in the tranquility of the forest and discover nature’s hidden treasures.

All times provided represent an average pace.

Forest Trails

For those wanting to spend more time hiking, we recommend the following trails.

Ridgeline Trail

As the name suggests, this trail runs along the mountain top. To the west, you will see Le Morne World Heritage Site and Île aux Benitiers, while to the east you will see the south-east coastline and the different plant restoration sites.

Either walk down from Sublime Point, or up from the Flycatcher Raised Walkway. This is a relatively gentle trail of 1.1 km and is expected to take 30 minutes at average pace.

Piton Canot

This 400 m trail is a continuation of the Ridgeline Trail and is accessible from Sublime Point. If you are feeling energetic, you can hike up to the peak of Piton Canot (542 m) where you will be rewarded by a 360 degrees view of the south-west of Mauritius. The trail ascends around 140 m, and will take a return trip of around 45 minutes. Some level of physical fitness is required and in places the terrain is loose.

Walking the road

Rather than take the safari jeep or if you would prefer to walk along a concrete rather than forest track, you can walk the track that leads from the Visitor Centre to the Flycatcher Raised Walkway and Sublime Point. You will be able to see the restoration work in action and spot the inquisitive birds. You can choose to walk the track in parts and catch the jeep, if space is available, when you wish. 

Routes                                                                                           Time                         Distance

Visitor Centre – Flycatcher Raised Walkway                                           20 mins                      1.3 km

Flycatcher Raised Walkway – Sublime Point                                           30 mins                      1.3 km

Visitor Centre - Sublime Point                                                               50 mins                      2.4 km

Please note that this track is used by the safari jeep.

Hiking alone

If you are coming alone and wish to hike along with the Ridgeline Trail or Piton Canot Trail, we recommend you inform one of our members of staff and take the contact details of our Visitor Centre. Along the trails are emergency contact numbers should you require assistance.