Ebony Story

Once upon a time, ebony trees dominated Mauritius.

Today, little native forest remains.

Our goal at Ebony Forest is to restore and recreate 45 hectares of indigenous forest. The unique biodiversity of Mauritius depends on it.

Since 2006, we have weeded over 13 hectares and planted more than 130,000 indigenous plants grown in our native plant nursery. Restoration work is a long-term commitment and requires a full-time dedicated team to control the invasive plants. Your visit helps finance this costly work.

Apart from invasive plants and animals threatening the island’s biodiversity, we recognize that one of the main threats is a lack of awareness and a disconnection with nature. The future of Nature depends on present and future generations recognizing its value. Our Ecology Centre and education programmes are designed to reconnect local children with their natural heritage. 

Acting today to conserve and restore our biodiversity will have huge dividends in the future. Nature is priceless and we all depend on it. We believe that indigenous species should not just be found in forests. We regularly donate indigenous plants to green public places.

Thanks also to our sponsors, we are restoring, conserving and protecting habitat for the unique fauna of Mauritius. If you want to learn more and be involved as a volunteer or sponsor, just contact us.

Ebony Forest Ltd is a private company, in association with our partners in Mauritius (La Vanille Nature Park), Rodrigues (Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve) and Biodiversity Conservation Madagascar, a non-governmental conservation organisation in Madagascar.